Q) Why choose Anant Nidhi ?
A) A comparatively new organization, we have been able to create a position in the market that is often envied by our competitors who have been active in the industry since a longer period of time. We have been the choicest option for clients across the nation, due to the following qualities of ours:

Accurate Calculation

Timely Delivery

Cost Effective solutions

Door Step Financial Services

Competent and Experienced Professionals.

Customer Focused Approach

Q) What are the objectives Of Anant Nidhi ?
A) These are the objectives of AnantNidhi:

To generate & create sense of co-operation among the members and to make self dependent by saving from the income to form the spirit of thrift & credit.

To create the spirit of help to other members through a sense of co-operating to each other for the saving amount of members ,to work as piggy bank.

To work for the social, moral &economic upliftment of its members.

Q) What are the benefits AnantNidhi providing?
A) These are the main benefits AnantNidhi is providing;

We focused upon the results and upliftment of the society Poor can also avail our services.

We provide higher returns.

We provide better repayment.

You can save money for your future.

Your money grows at a good rate when compared to the inflation rate.

Q) What are the criteria to become a part of AnantNidhi?
A) We look for people who possess some of the following qualities:

Initiative driven





Works with perseverance

Good at relationship building

Q) What are the opportunities associated with AnantNidhi?
A) These are the major opportunities provided by AnantNidhi ;

Reward and Recognition

Career Progression

Flexibility of working hours

Training & Support

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